We help organizations to add cyber insurance into their IT service portfolio

Our analytics automates cyber insurance and risk management services.

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Cyber insurance as a service

We shift cyber insurance from products to solutions and introduce processes to handle the elusive nature of the risks and regulations.
  • Qualified lead generation based on inside out information
  • Easier to package and customise products for customer segments
  • Pre-sales customer profiles and risk assessments
  • Real-time tracking of customer cyber security preparedness
  • Better risk management for insured customers
  • Streamlined forensics process for claim assessment

1 Organization

Organization wants to protect its activity against cyber risks

2 Cyber Insurance Service

Through our platform, we make sure that the cyber insurance customers fulfill the requirements of the insurance agreement.

3 Cyber Risk Management

Our cyber risk analytics automatically analyzes cyber risk levels of customers.

4 Post-Breach Service

Cyber Hedgehog platform can provide factual information for incident reports and insurance claims.


Our services form a scalable ecosystem for cyber insurance processes.

Kimmo Aaltonen - Sales

Kimmo has held executive technology and sales positions in telecommunication and cyber security industries across Europe. He is a registered GDPR Data Protection Officer and has passion for scalable insurtech solutions.
Phone: +358 449812231
Email: kimmo(at)cyberhedgehog.com

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